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Clayton, NC

Tired of driving to Raleigh for your IV hydration needs? This summer, Clayton is getting its very own Twin Rivers IV and wellness lounge!

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Services Offered:

IV Therapy

The Most Efficient and Relaxing Way to Get the Hydration your Body Needs
Our bodies are made of 70% water, which is essential to maintaining a healthy brain and body functions. IV therapy can help combat fatigue, improve digestion, decrease inflammation, boost immunity, slow the aging process, and help you recover from physical activity and illness.


Fast and Virtually Painless Way to Receive Powerful Vitamins, Minerals and Medications
Injections offer a fast and almost painless way to receive the powerful ingredients Twin Rivers offers. These injections range from immunity boosting to energy improving and even weight loss. These express services will have you in and out in minutes.


Experience the Power of the “Miracle Molecule”
NAD+ is the “miracle molecule” that helps to power the body’s cells by lengthening and strengthening our DNA structures. Benefits include improved brain function, decreased anxiety and depression, increased energy, improved immune system, decrease inflammation and support for improved muscle recovery.

Semaglutide Weight Loss

Take Control of Your Weight Loss Journey
Semaglutide has gained significant attention for its documented weight-loss benefits. Semaglutide (GLP-1) works by acting on the brain’s appetite control centers, leading to reduced food cravings and increased feelings of fullness. It also slows down the digestion process maintaining the feeling of fullness longer.

Mobile IV

We’re Mobile!
For your convenience, all Twin Rivers IV Lounge locations offer mobile services. If you can’t come to us, let us come to you! From a single person to small and large groups, Twin Rivers IV & Wellness has you covered.

Details & FAQs

Located at 906 East Main Street, Clayton NC 27520, we are very excited to be sharing our space with a massage therapist as well as a physical therapist to provide a one stop shop for all your wellness needs! Relax in our modern, tranquil lounge featuring convenient parking in the back or on the street. We look forward to seeing you there!

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