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For years now, people have been turning to naturally-sourced ingredients to help with their personal health and wellness. Canibidoil (CBD) has made its way to the forefront of this movement over the last couple decades. From a decrease in the frequency, strength and duration of convulsions and seizures, all the way to improved sleep cycles, CBD is proving itself to be a true leader in natural therapy.

Being known as a leader IV and other therapies, Twin Rivers IV & Wellness lounges are proud to introduce a new patent-pending CBD therapy for IV infusion. According to Twin Rivers’ consultant Craig Stevenson this new technology is set to redefine the delivery of CBD as we know it.

“CBD has been used by so many people across the globe, and is traditionally taken in an oral form or as a topical application. The challenge with that is only a certain percentage of the active ingredient survives in the process. Twin Rivers is happy to be a leader in delivering CBD through IV delivery.

Our manufacturing partners has been able to create a pure, potent and stable form of CBD in a sterile water base that can be used in IV therapy. Because CBD is basically an oil format, it does not mix with water and separates when combined. Our new IV stable CBD essentially dissolves seamlessly in the IV fluid allowing it to be delivered to the body and bypassing the degradation that the digestive track can inflict making it far more bioavailable to the body.

Further to this, our manufacturer has been able to fully sterilize the ingredient by creating an innovative process to keep the large CBD molecule functional and active from start to finish,” notes Stevenson, a 30 year veteran of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. “Furthermore, the CBD is extracted from Hemp grown right here in the USA so the quality control is extremely high.”

Here are many of the results people can achieve when using CBD:

  1. Ease occasional as well as chronic aches and pains
  2. Support healthy sleep cycles
  3. Ease feelings of anxiety
  4. Help promote relaxation
  5. Soothe negative feelings after alcohol consumption

Don’t wait another day to try our new CBD in IV format. Book your appointment today by clicking here.

Jessie Russell

Jessie Russell is the Owner/Operator and Nursing Director of Twin Rivers IV Lounge. She is a Mississippi native who move to Colorado in 2016 and has a 10-year background in the Emergency Department. Since leaving the hospital setting, she has found a passion for health and wellness and pre-hospital care. Her 3-year-old twins, Kane and Kohda, are one half of the name stake of the company. She stays busy spending time in and out of the lounge working, camping, and traveling when life allows.

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