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One of the most popular search terms on the internet when it comes to IV hydration and therapy is “IV hydration near me”. It’s no wonder this phrase generates 75,600,000 results when searched on Google. The IV industry has seen significant growth as more people realize the benefits of IV hydration, the safety of IV therapy, as well as wellness and health optimization.

In Colorado, and in particular the greater Denver area, more and more people are turning to IV hydration therapy as a way to take control of their own health. IV hydration has consistently grown in popularity as it bypasses the digestive system and infuses liquid (saline) and nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants as well as some medications directly into the bloodstream. This allows for quick and maximum delivery to the body, helping optimize many important physiological functions.

With optimal hydration comes a long list of benefits that can produce pronounced effects both short and long term. This is due to the fact that the human body is made up of approximately 60% water and almost every critical function in the body depends some way on water. Quite simply if hydration is compromised, then so are many of the body’s functions, causing it to work at less than 100%. According to the National Council on Aging, maintaining optimal hydration can have numerous positive effects including:

  1. Improved brain performance
  2. Digestive harmony
  3. More energy
  4. Weight loss and weight management
  5. Decreased joint pain
  6. Better temperature regulation
  7. Kidney stone prevention
  8. Healthier heart
  9. Improved detoxification
  10. Fewer headaches
  11. Healthier hair, skin and nails

On top of foundational saline hydration, many “boosts” can be added in IV therapy. Common additions are the popular Myers’ Boost, immunity boost, antioxidant boost, hangover boost, jet lag boosts, NAD+ and more. Combinations of ingredients can be mixed based on each individual’s needs. Further, Primary Care and specialized medical practitioners can prescribe specific ingredients and quantities for IV hydration therapy. Physiological challenges such as cancer treatments can warrant mega doses of ingredients as prescribed by licensed medical professionals.

And when it comes to the safety of IV therapy, our team of Registered Nurses that operate under Medical Director Robert Kilpatrick, MD, is well qualified to administer IV therapy safely and effectively. Strict medical procedures are followed for site cleaning and sterilization as well as the almost painless administration of the flexible catheter that allows the client the ability to move their arm during treatment. The end of each procedure is very quick and painless with a simple gauze and flexible bandage application for 15-20 minutes. Treatments that utilize ingredients only from licensed US based compounding pharmacies take as little as 25 minutes and can have you feeling and performing your best in no time flat.

Stay tuned for our next post as we dive deeper into the science of IV hydration and some of the mechanisms of how it improves health and performance in daily life.

Craig Stevenson B.P.E. (Hon.) is a business consultant to Twin Rivers IV & Wellness.


Jessie Russell

My name is Jessie Russell and I have been a nurse for 12 years. My background is pediatric nursing and travel nursing through level 1 trauma centers. Was was born and raised in Mississippi where I attending Ole Miss and Mississippi College. I now have 4 year old twins, Kane and Kohda who love motocross, swimming, and camping. Twin rivers has given me the perfect mix of preventative treatments and bedside nursing skills while learning about business development and growth. I look forward to seeing where this industry takes me.

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