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At Twin Rivers IV & Wellness lounges, we have and continue to be at the forefront of NAD+ therapy. Known as the “Miracle Molecule”, NAD+ infusions and injections have been used by countless people to improve their quality of life. NAD+ carries electrons from one molecule to another in the body to help facilitate reactions and metabolic processes. It plays an important function in energy metabolism, healthy cell function and the repair and strengthening of DNA among many other roles.

Energy production in the body depends on NAD+ as an important part of both anaerobic (without oxygen present) and aerobic (with oxygen present) energy production pathways. In simple terms, for the body to produce energy for regular and strenuos activities, it needs healthy levels of NAD+ to accomplish this. Thus, people looking to regain energy and function for daily activities, or to perform at their peak in athletic events are great candidates for NAD+ therapy.

NAD+ has also been widely used for the treatment of age related brain function, healthy weight management, reducing cholesterol and elevated blood pressure as well as overall heart health. NAD+ therapy has also been used to help treat various forms of addiction.

In short, NAD+ has been termed by many as the “Miracle Mollecule” for good reason. It’s rapid decline with age is directly related to changes in the body and how it functions. The “anti-aging” benefits of NAD+ can be felt at many levels within the the body, particularly with a consistent regiment of IV or injections.
Be sure to ask your nurse if NAD+ therapy is right for you. And contact your nearest lounge to book you appointment today.

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Jessie Russell

Jessie Russell is the Owner/Operator and Nursing Director of Twin Rivers IV Lounge. She is a Mississippi native who move to Colorado in 2016 and has a 10-year background in the Emergency Department. Since leaving the hospital setting, she has found a passion for health and wellness and pre-hospital care. Her 3-year-old twins, Kane and Kohda, are one half of the name stake of the company. She stays busy spending time in and out of the lounge working, camping, and traveling when life allows.

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