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Jessie Russell – Founder, Nursing Director

Jessie Russell, a native of Mississippi, embarked on her nursing career with a strong educational foundation, having completed her undergraduate degree at Ole Miss and obtained a Bachelor of Nursing Degree from Mississippi College. Fresh out of nursing school, Jessie’s talent was quickly recognized, leading to swift recruitment following her externship.

Her initial professional journey took her to the Pediatric Emergency Department at the University of Mississippi’s Level I Trauma Center, where she played a pivotal role in modernizing the charting system. Transitioning from outdated paper charting to Epic’s computer charting system showcased her adaptability and commitment to advancing healthcare technologies.

Not only did Jessie excel in clinical responsibilities, but she also became a community leader. Her passion for making a difference extended beyond the hospital walls. Jessie, along with fellow leaders, initiated a unique program for teens convicted of driving offenses. This innovative community program involved staging mock trauma events, which provided an impactful learning experience.

Eager to enhance her skills and broaden her expertise, Jessie dedicated two years to certifications in trauma transportation, TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Course), ENPC (Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course), PALS (Pediatric Advance Life Support), and CPEN (Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse). These certifications not only solidified her as a proficient nurse but also laid the foundation for her leadership role in the unit.

Taking her commitment to excellence on the road, Jessie embraced the life of a Level I Trauma Center Traveling Nurse, specializing in Pediatrics. Over the course of eight dynamic years, she undertook contracts in nine different states, leaving an indelible mark in each healthcare community she touched.

As the chapter of travel nursing drew to a close, Jessie’s career took an exciting turn towards infusion therapy, marking a profound shift towards a wellness-oriented approach to healthcare. Settling in Colorado, Jessie found herself drawn to the burgeoning health and wellness field, recognizing a unique opportunity to fill a gap in the Denver area for mobile IV therapy.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to holistic well-being led her to embark on a transformative project—refurbishing a 1975 Airstream to create a mobile IV therapy unit (this mobile unit is still active today). Jessie’s vision was to bring health services directly to the community, making wellness accessible and convenient.

The wheels were set in motion, and soon, the iconic Airstream became a symbol of health on wheels, rolling out to serve the Denver community with mobile IV therapy. The positive response and growing demand paved the way for a new milestone in Jessie’s journey—a brick-and-mortar location in Littleton, CO. This lounge set the stage for continued expansion.

Driven by her passion and the community’s embrace of her wellness initiatives, Jessie expanded her venture, opening several more locations in the greater Denver area as well as franchising out of state. Each brick-and-mortar location became a hub for health enthusiasts seeking the benefits of IV therapy in a welcoming and professional setting.

In the dynamic world of owning, operating, and growing a small business, Jessie has faced challenges that tested her limits. Yet, amidst the demands of entrepreneurship, she skillfully navigates the delicate balance of being a devoted mother to her young twin boys. Amid the hustle and bustle of running multiple locations and steering her business towards new heights, Jessie prioritizes being present for her twin boys. Their names adorning the company’s brand as a testament to the intertwining of her professional and personal worlds. The boys serve as a constant reminder of the purpose and motivation behind her entrepreneurial journey—creating a legacy of wellness and success.

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Craig Stevenson – Growth Consultant

Craig Stevenson is originally from just outside of Toronto Canada, and in 2014 he and his family moved to  Littleton CO where he assume the VP Marketing position with publicly traded FitLife Brands. Sports, health and wellness have always been at the forefront of Craig’s core from a young age. Graduating from the University of Ottawa with a focus on exercise physiology and nutrition, Craig set out to build a solid foundation and solidify a career in exercise performance, health and wellness.

With over three decades of experience in nutraceutical development and growth, Craig has worked closely with some of the most well-known and popular brands including the likes of MuscleTech, 6-Star, HYDROXYCUT, SlimQuick, ENERGIZE, COLD-FX, Optimum Nutrition, iSatori, TrimSpa, ACTIONETIX and more.

“I have been in the human health, wellness, and performance category virtually my entire adult life. Taking my love and background in physiology and how the body works and combining it with discipled business growth strategies has given me a unique perspective on balancing corporate needs and the wellbeing of our customers”, says Stevenson. “Having the opportunity to guide Twin Rivers IV & Wellness into the next phase of growth is not only exciting and challenging, but very rewarding to me personally as I get to work with an incredible medical staff that truly cares about our members and clients.”

Historically, Craig has held senior positions at Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Iovate Health Sciences, Wellnx Life Sciences, FitLife Brands, and Upper 49th Imports. At Valeant Pharmaceuticals, he led to turn around of an iconic Canadian brand COLD-FX, by developing a strategic business plan that would turn the declining single ingredient product into a multi-product portfolio. At Wellnx Life Sciences, Craig led his team to receiving the prestigious Rising Star award from retail giant GNC for the growth of the NXLabs sports supplement brand.

From owning his own health and wellness company shortly after graduating, to becoming Vice President of Marketing for a publicly-traded sports supplement/wellness company (FitLife Brands), Craig has accumulated an unmatched body of knowledge on how to build a business, but more importantly serve customers with the utmost integrity and standards. With Craig’s current focus on building “sustainable growth” at Twin Rivers IV and Wellness, the focus is on financial planning, advertising and promotion, innovation and navigating the ever-changing prices of materials that we are experiencing today.

“My ultimate goal is to help Twin Rivers forge a path that recognizes both corporate stability and exceptional medical care. This combination will ultimately serve our new and existing customers with confidence and integrity, allowing Twin Rivers IV & Wellness to continue to be a leader in this field and experience manageable growth.” notes Stevenson.

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